Jedburgh Academy

The Jedburgh Academy is a network of professional trainers across the country, most of whom own and operate their own training schools.  From handgun fundamentals to amateur radio, emergency medical care, to alternative energy, farming, ranching and general preparedness, the Jedburgh Academy has a cadre of teachers and locations to help you improve your skills. 

The Jedburgh Academy main training campus is located in beautiful northern Idaho.  Affiliated trainers and facilities are spread across the country to ensure our students have the maximum opportunity to secure the best training available without having to travel across the entire country.

The original Jedburgh heroes of WWII came from all walks of life.  They operated in small three-man teams, comprised of two officers and a radioman.  Their mission was to drop deep behind enemy lines and coordinate with local partisans to disrupt German efforts while Allied forces attacked on D-Day.  American 'Jeds' had no more than six weeks of training in the States before heading to England.  They were courageous, smart and clever.  Small teams of highly motivated men with important skills helped change the world.  These are the men we honor in naming the Jedburgh Academy.


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